Play as one of the mercenaries with their own unique abilities and fight for victory in this 4v4 animal themed class-based shooter!

Check out the help page for controls and abilities!

ApexReign is an browser class-based shooter.


Animals. We see ourselves as above them. So much so that we underestimate them. This was the thought process of the scientists at Apex Labs, who created the first super-intelligent animal, a duck named D-0. The goal of the project was to have the duck act as an spy, being able to sneak into almost anywhere. Noticed, but omitted. And it worked. But why stop at ducks? They created super-intelligent cats. Super-intelligent rhinos, pandas, falcons... They stopped at nothing. Soon enough there was global coverage on the advancements, and even groups in other countries started following in the footsteps of Apex Labs. But as World War III grows larger and larger, the scientists we're given less and less funding. Apex Labs decided they would branch out, and dip their hands the war. They created the first duck soldier, able to be mass-produced, and fight whenever necessary. Other countries followed suit, creating their own soldiers with different skillsets. Months of scientific advancement pass, now all soldiers have been replaced with the animals. As countries go head-to-head, and as scientists race for a better product, who will obtain ApexReign?!

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