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Browser game where animals with skills fight. · By electrix


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Alpha v3.2.0 - Group Spectate
Updates: You can spectate in group matches now! Panda's Slime of Dark now attaches to the right side of the enemy...
Alpha v3.0.1 - Scroll Lock
Added a scroll locking mechanism so people can scroll down on the changelog and help pages without the entire page scrolling down on third-party sites like itch...
Alpha v3.0.0 - The Small Update
The game has rebranded to ApexReign! The game stopped being just about ducks a while ago so the name has changed. Home Page Updates: Fixed Casual Queue Bug that...
Alpha Version:
Just a small update in response to the last one. The game is pretty laggy : Hosting the game on a free service right now, it'll soon have a home on the parretla...
Alpha Version:
A full Alpha! It's been about 12 days since I started development and I want to say thanks for all the support everyone has been giving me. Now, on with the upd...
A Ducklings First Steps
Sneak Peek of the next update! You pop into a game ready to battle millions of players and you get the magical feeling of... disappointment. No ones playing! To...
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Movement is not strict, it's buggy I think. Can you fix it, cuz when I am trying to go diagonally It opens chat. But Ide...
started by JFAexe Sep 13, 2019
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