Alpha v3.0.0 - The Small Update

The game has rebranded to ApexReign!

The game stopped being just about ducks a while ago so the name has changed.

Home Page Updates:

  • Fixed Casual Queue Bug that stopped players from entering.
  • Fixed bug that would try to send you back too group even if you weren't in one.
  • Chat Discriminators are fixed.
  • Added a volume slider to the home page.
  • Names cannot use Unicode anymore.
  • Added stats to the Help page.
  • Skins can be changed per mercenary instead of the entire skin suite on all mercenaries.
  • TAB can be used to switch chat channels.
  • Added a chat commands section to the Help page.

In Game Updates:

  • Games are now 6 minutes + Overtime.
  • Added Overtime! You'll see it popup at the top of the screen.
  • Added some voice lines that warn you about game events.
  • Our 7th Hero! - Otter . Look at him v i b e.
  • Massive Optimizations for Bullets, Players, and Game Objects.
  • You can chat just with your teammates or just with your group in-game now.
  • Added a votekick command ingame.
  • Added sound effects for various abilities.
  • ---------------Small Changes---------------
  • Fixed bug that would make objects stay after player death.
  • Added some death sound effects.
  • Reworked Rhino's Shield.
  • Reworked Rhino's Fireball.
  • Fixed Rhino's Charge bug that would stun lock players infinitely.
  • Reworked Cat's Rewind.
  • Made Duck's Plasma Rocket smaller.
  • Falcon can cancel Deflect with Falcon Strike.
  • Fixed bug that made heal pools give the user immortality (i don't know how this one didn't get fixed for so long)
  • Duckbots use abilities now.
  • Duckbots seek out heal pools.
  • Bullets now use client side prediction - basically they move smoothly now.
  • Fixed Game End Screen.
  • Fixed Ping Display & Volume Slider placement.

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