The best currency for bubble sheep.

Play it here for a better experience:


See your behbbles, the transactions you made, and create checks for others.


See the newest updates to Behbble.


See all the transactions being made.


The leaderboard for the wealthiest behbblers.


A stock market simulation. Type in a stock ticker and the amount of behbbles you want to spend then click Buy. You instantly get  your shares.


The biggest Behbble attraction.

Here is a guide that is also available on our Discord:

Behbble World Guide:
Behbble World is a place of beh and wonder!
There are 1600 tiles to choose from!

Acquiring Land

Simply click on a tile to see its price, then click "Ok" to buy it using your emblems.


Gathering activates your tiles to obtain resources.
You can gather once every 30 minutes.


Each tile in Behbble World have their own abilities:

Here are the 2 tile types:
Resource Tiles:
Resource Tiles directly give you resources. They activate before Producer Tiles.

Producer Tiles:
Producer Tiles take your resources and turn them into premium resources. They activate after Resource Tiles.

[🌲] Forests are resource tiles that produce wood.
[⛰️] Mountains are resource tiles that produce ore.
[🏖️] Beaches are resource tiles that produce sand.
[🏦] Banks are resource tiles that directly produce behbbles.
[⚡] Power Plants are producer tiles that create batteries using 1 metal and 1 ore.
[🔥] Smelters are producer tiles that can turn 1 ore and 1 wood into metal.
[🏭] Factories are producer tiles that can turn 1 sand and 1 wood into 1 glass.
[🏢] Labs are producer tiles that can turn 1 glass, 1 metal, and 1 battery into a device.

Resource Prices:

Wood: 1 behbble each
Ore: 1 behbble each
Sand: 1 behbble each
Metal: 3 behbble each
Glass: 3 behbble each
Batteries: 6 behbble each
Devices: 15 behbble each

More info later...

Thanks for playing!

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